2022-2023 Volunteer Parent Association (VPO)

Co-Presidents: Heidi DeRespini    
Vice President: Ashley Paulson    
Treasurers: Kim Arndtson 
Falynn Auston
Secretaries: Kate Cunha     
Communication Brynn Graham    
Teacher Representative      Maddie Shaw    


Opportunities to Volunteer

Harbor Heights VPO has many events for which you can volunteer. We know there is a place where you can plug in. Please email us to to ask about volunteer opportunities! harborheightsvpo@gmail.com



Do you have questions or ideas or just want to contact the VPO? Please send an email to: harborheightsvpo@gmail.com or find us on Facebook @ HarborHeightsVPO (https://www.facebook.com/HarborHeightsVPO)




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