Parent Resources

When Visiting Harbor Heights, ALWAYS CHECK IN AT THE FRONT OFFICE:

We love having you visit our school, however, in our ongoing efforts to maintain security for our students and staff at Harbor Heights, we are asking all visitors to check in at the office upon arrival and obtain a visitor’s sticker. Please do not go to the classrooms, playground, or anywhere on the Harbor Heights campus without a visitor’s sticker. There is a sign-in book provided for you at the front office. You must sign this every time you are at school. In case of an emergency we need to know who is in the building. (This is also very helpful when someone is trying to contact you and we are trying to find you)

There needs to be as few interruptions in your child’s classroom as possible to help create a positive learning environment. Lunches, homework, notes, etc. that need to be delivered to your child need to be left at the front office. We will make sure they receive them.

Calls From/To Harbor Heights

If you see a Peninsula School District or Harbor Heights phone number on your caller ID, we encourage you to check your messages before calling our office. The call could be an automated message, a call from any staff member in the building or from your student. If you call our office with the expectation that we will know who called you, we will do our best to assist you but we likely won’t know where the call originated or what it was about. Make sure your child knows to leave you a message if they ever call you so you aren’t left wondering who called you and why.

Class Placement Procedure

Harbor Heights staff members intentionally gather information from parents, teachers, specialists, and para-educators, in order to form balanced classes that will provide a nurturing, challenging environment for our students.

For students attending Harbor Heights a number of factors will be considered when forming classes for the following year. Some of the factors include:

  • Overall class size
  • Ratio of boys and girls
  • Academic strengths and challenges
  • Social and emotional needs
  • Students with special needs
  • Parent Input
  • Program options available

For students entering kindergarten at Harbor Heights we will use the above criteria, but we will also have our future students participate in a kindergarten screening. The purpose of the screening is to assist us with placement, and to gather information about what our students know as they enter school.

Q. May parents request a particular teacher for their child?
A. We ask that parents not request a teacher by name, rather we encourage parents to provide us with information regarding the specific needs of their child. It is the responsibility of the principal and staff members at Harbor Heights to use their professional judgment for class placement.
Q. If I want to make a change in my child’s classroom placement, when and how does this occur?
A. At the beginning of the school year classroom placements will remain in place for a period of two weeks. If concerns remain after 2 weeks, parents may contact the principal for consideration of class placement change.

Attendance at School

Your child’s academic growth will be greater if he/she attends school regularly. At Harbor Heights skills and lessons are taught and reviewed daily. Regular attendance is important to your child’s academic success. Our mission can be attained when students regularly attend school.

  Learn more about attendance at Harbor Heights

Parking Lot


If at all possible, put your child on the bus! It increases their chances of being on time to school, improves parking lot congestion and safety, and is better for the environment.


If you do need to drop your child off, please pull forward as much as possible near the drop off area (by the gym), stop, drop, and keep rolling! Do not get out of your car to open doors, etc. Turn right out of the parking lot.

Parking Lot Procedures

Some important things to remember for safety reasons when driving through our parking lot:

  • When possible, please have your child ride the school bus.
  • Always drive slowly and cautiously, watching out for pedestrians.
  • Follow the clearly marked arrows. There is only one direction to follow when coming in to the parking lot.
  • Please do not park in the red and yellow No Parking Zones. The yellow zone is the drop off and pick up area only.
  • It will not be necessary to come into the building to pick up your student(s) at the end of the school day. You will drive through the parking lot to the yellow loading zone. The students will be kept safely behind the fence by the outdoor covered play area. When staff makes contact with the driver we will send your student to the car. Once quickly buckled in, please move forward so that we can keep the line moving.
  • Please do not try to go around the car in front of you. Wait your turn in line.
  • Follow the arrows to exit the parking lot.

Our hope is that these changes will allow us to have a smooth flow of traffic and a safe parking lot for all. We will have several staff members helping direct traffic for the first few weeks of school.

School Zone Safety

At Goodman Middle School and Harbor Heights Elementary we are concerned for the safety of our students, staff and families when arriving and leaving school grounds. We would like your assistance in making our schools safer for all students. In particular, since several students walk to school, please watch for them in our crosswalks, along the road and in our parking lot.

We would also appreciate your help in following posted speed limits when approaching and leaving school grounds, and remembering to come to a complete stop at marked stop signs. Please do not talk on cell phones.

We appreciate your help in making Goodman Middle School and Harbor Heights Elementary safer places for our students. We will continue to look into safety measures to keep our students and families safe.

What If I Have A Concern?

If you have a concern regarding your child(ren), the following steps might be helpful:

  1. Classroom Concerns:

    Please contact your child’s teacher by calling the Harbor Heights office (253 530-1800)    or by visiting the classroom before or after school.  When calling, ask to speak directly to the classroom teacher.  When visiting, please check in at the office and our office personnel will call the classroom to let them know of your arrival.

  2. Health Concerns:

    Please contact the school nurse, Micki Hulscher by calling the school office.

  3. Emotional/Social Health Concerns:

    The school counselor, Mrs. Elizabeth Genschaw, are available to help families find appropriate resources for children. Our counselor is also available for children needing extra support at school. Mrs. Genschow can be reached via email to: 

  4. School Related Concerns:

    Please feel free to contact the principal in the office at 253 530-1800 or the assistant principal at 253 530-1800. They can help work through school issues/situations that happen inside or outside the classroom.

Remember, situations and/or concerns cannot be addressed if you do not make someone aware of them!

Student-Parent Handbook

The Student-Parent Handbook provides a comprehensive compilation of policies and procedures at Harbor Heights.

  View the Student-Parent Handbook

How To Get Involved

Volunteering Opportunities at School

Harbor Heights staff love to have parents/guardians and community members involved in our school. Please feel free to ask about opportunities for your involvement at Harbor Heights. Background checks are a requirement of many of the volunteer opportunities. See form at the bottom of this screen.

Harbor Heights VPO - Volunteer Parent Organization

Our VPO is an active group of parents and teachers providing support for our students. For information on how to join, please call 253 530-1800

Other Ways to be Involved

Classroom Volunteer

Ask your child’s teacher if he/she wants to have help! There are ways to help inside and outside the classroom. Just ask!

Family Academic Nights

Each year Harbor Heights hosts a S.T.E.M. Night. This is a good way to learn about how to best support your child in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

Open House

An open house is always scheduled for the beginning of the school year for families and the community to visit the school

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Parent/Teacher conferences are held each October and March. This is a perfect way to connect with your child’s teacher and to find out how to best support your child at home.

Visit our Website

Our school website has a wealth of information that can keep parents informed about our school, district and curriculum. Teachers have classroom websites that can help parents be informed about the classroom activities and current learning.


We really appreciate our volunteers. Before you are allowed to be in, the classroom you need to fill out a Washington State Patrol Packet and be fingerprinted. This is a quick procedure and can be done in the Front Office. There is no cost and it is valid for two years.

  Volunteer Clearance Form