School Improvement Plan

Peninsula School District and its schools are using the school improvement process to increase student achievement. Each school has a leadership team to facilitate their staff through data analysis, goal setting, research, and the implementation of a 3-5 year Action Plan that reflects the needs of their students. The school improvement process is a critical part of each school’s work to establish a Professional Learning Community within their school as the foundation for the change process. This is a highly collaborative process requiring a shared commitment to increasing student learning over time.

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SIP PLANS 2019-2020

Harbor Heights School Improvement Planning - SEL | 2019.2020

  • School Improvement Goal: 
    • Harbor Heights will increase SAEBRs scores for at least half of the students by 25% or one level. 
  • Rationale:  
    • At Harbor Heights, we are a passionate community dedicated to the success of the whole child. We believe that we need to focus our efforts to provide powerful learning experiences for social-emotional skill building in the systems we currently have in place, with the intent to enhance, improve, and refine our current systems.
  • Action Plan: Universal Support
    • Classroom Meetings

    • Second Step Direct Instruction

    • Common Expectations

    • Teaching Practices that Support Social Emotional Well Being 

  • Specific Support:
    • Check In/Check Out, Recess 

    • Small Groups with Counselor

    • Social Stories

    • Zones of Regulation Instruction 

    • Classroom Meetings 
  • Monitoring Growth/Expected Results: 
    • Growth will be monitored for by SAEBERs 3 x’s per year
    • Baseline: percentage