Go Orcas!

Positive Behavior Supports

Our motto at Harbor Heights is we are a passionate community dedicated to the success of the whole child. With this in mind, we teach expected behaviors for school to our students. We teach students The Orca Way: be respectful, responsible, and resourceful across all areas of school campus. Students are reinforced for following expectations with positive reinforcement. If your student is struggling to follow The Orca Way, we will contact you to develop a strong home-school relationship and connection.


Want to enroll your student at Harbor Heights? Here is the link to complete the enrollment process for a student in the Peninsula School District.





We have a drop off zone for students arriving by car, and the bus lanes in front of the school are where students ride a bus off load. We have supervision staff present in both areas. Thank you for reminding your student to follow safety and security prompts from staff during arrival. Doors open to the school building at 8:50. Students getting breakfast may go directly to the cafeteria and take their meal to class. If students arrive past 9:00 they will come to the office to check in and get a tardy slip from a member of the office staff team.



We would like to remind you of a few procedures in place and add layers to improve student safety. Be sure to have your school-printed nameplate visible throughout the pickup process. If you need a new one, please contact the office. Please use the pickup loop with your nameplate visible if you pick up your student in a vehicle. If you are outside your vehicle (walking or biking) or do not have a nameplate, you must have your ID ready to show staff at the last cone of the drop-off loop. You will see a staff member ready to greet you and release your student. As a reminder, utilize the crosswalks for crossing the parking lot, and there are no animals on campus.  



For any change in transportation, please send a note the day of the change with your student's name, teacher, instructions for the day, your name, and your phone number. Notes to the office are the preferred method. If you forget to send a note with your student, you may call the office at extension x1800 before 2:00. Please do not send transportation changes via email or via ParentSquare as the teacher may be absent.

Parking Lot Safety:

  • Follow directions from staff supervising arrival and dismissalDrive 5 MPH

  • Be alert and safe. 

  • Using the handicapped parking spaces requires a pass, please have that visible and displayed.

  • Please do not park in the red and yellow No Parking Zones. The yellow zone is the drop off and pick up area only.

  • It will not be necessary to come into the building to pick up your student(s) at the end of the school day. You will drive through the parking lot to the yellow loading zone. The students will be kept safely behind the fence by the outdoor covered play area. When staff makes contact with the driver we will send your student to the car. Once quickly buckled in, please move forward so that we can keep the line moving.

  • Please do not try to go around the car in front of you. Wait your turn in line.

  • Follow the arrows to exit the parking lot.


Health Room:

If your child has a life-threatening medical need, please contact the health room. If your child displays symptoms of illness during the school day, you will be contacted by the health room staff.


School Supplies:

All supplies are provided by PSD. 


Playground Safety:

Our students are taught specific safety rules for the playground: green zone (grass), brown top (big toys) and black top (asphalt). 


-Level 3-4 Voice

-Hands to Self

-Hustle to line up at the whistle

-Sportsmanship (kind words)

-Everyone is included



-Care for the equipment

-Put away what you take out

-Jacket out/ Jacket in

-Once outside, stay outside

-Keep personal items at home



-Use Second Step Strategies to Solve Problems


Food Services:

Interested in purchasing school lunch or breakfast? Please view the details here: https://www.psd401.net/about-us/departments/nutrition-services.



Attendance is taken daily in our classrooms by 9:00. Please call in to the attendance line at (253) 530-1807 (24 hour) if your child will be absent.


Visiting Campus:

Please check in at our front office upon arrival and get a visitor sticker. Thank you for staying in the classroom or area where you are visiting. If you need to report a concern, please come to the office to speak with an administrator. 



Volunteer applications and clearance is required in PSD. Applications are good for two years. Please contact an office support staff to check on your volunteer clearance for 2023-24. Please check in at our front office upon arrival and get a red volunteer badge. Thank you for staying in the classroom or area where you are visiting. If you need to report a concern, please come to the office to speak with an administrator. 


School Accounts:

Meal Money- you can send in cash or check with your student to place money in their meal account. We have a locked box in the office for students to put their envelope. The Kitchen Manager collects these funds daily. 

ParentSquare is the communication platform for PSD. Please see our website and visit Parent Resources to learn more.  PSD Parent Accounts Final.pdf


Communicating Concerns:

If a concern arises, please start the process of sharing a concern with your student’s teacher, first. If the concern is not resolved, you can contact our school Counselor or one of the Principals.


Volunteer Parent Organization (VPO):

We love welcoming more volunteers to our VPO. Please email harborheightsvpo@gmail.com for more information. 

Or view the VPO website at https://harborheightsvpo.org/